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    About Dental Care Products

    The Dental Care Products website was started in 2005 by Dr Caroline Downing and Dr Craig Morris, who are both practicing dentists at the MDT Dental Surgery in Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW, Australia.


    For more information about our practice, please see our website at www.mdtdental.com.au

    Our practice philosophy is based on the aphorism that 'prevention is better than the cure'. No matter how skillfully corrective dental treatment is performed, it is always second-best to safeguarding your the the natural structure of your teeth. For 20 years, the cornerstone of our practice has been promoting prevention by encouraging regular dental visits for maintenance with appropriate oral hygiene home care.

    Dental Care Products has been designed to allow patients access to the products that they need to carry out their home dental care to a high level.  By making sure that the correct products are used in the right manner for the appropriate problem, maximum progress can be made in the prevention of disease. With the growing links between gum disease and other illnesses such as heart disease and immunological problems, this issue is more than one of just dental health.

    The relaunch of Dental Care Products in 2010 has enabled us to streamline ordering processes and at the same time give a high level of off-site encryption security with e-way for your peace of mind. By using Australia Post's 'Click and Send'  we are able to track all deliveries, both domestic and international, so that we can ensure that you delivery gets to the right place in the quickest time possible..

    As always, we welcome your feedback and your questions.