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    Asthma and Your Oral Health

    There is a large body of research available which shows that asthmatic children have a greater incidence of dental decay than non-asthmatic children, and that this incidence increases with the severity and duration of the illness. The main causes for this are the effect of asthma medications on saliva flow rates and on saliva acidity.

    Advised Precautionary Measures:

    1. Educate about causes and regular dental check-ups.
    2. Use of Neutrafluor 5000 Toothpaste when age appropriate.
    3. Rinse mouth with water.
    4. Use of GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse Plus to reduce demineralisation.
    5. Increase water consumption.
    6. Use Recaldent Chewing Gum to increase saliva flow and remineralisation.
    7. Use inhaler correctly and at the lowest doses possible.