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    GC mousse and GC mousse plus have proved to be a useful addition to our tools in the prevention of dental problems.

    It is quick, simple and pleasant to use. It uses a naturally occurring milk protein to encourage the free calcium and fluoride enter the tooth surface and strengthen the surface making it more resistant to acid attack.

    The following is a summary of the indications uses and treatment suggestions.

    High decay risk. An investigation should be made into the reasons for the increased risk of decay but at the same time the application of GC mousse twice a day (most importantly at night before sleep) can reverse some areas of decay and create an oral environment more likely to resist decay.

    Orthodontic treatment. The placement of orthodontic bands/brackets and braces makes it difficult to clean and holds decay causing plaque next to vulnerable tooth surfaces. Using GC mousse throughout the treatment and at the end of treatment after removal of the brackets prevents and reverses initial areas of decay which appear as white spots.

    Sensitive teeth. The application of GC mousse especially around the root surfaces of teeth blocks the tubules which run to the nerve and transmit cold sensations as pain. It should be used regularly for 6 - 8 weeks. Your teeth should be checked for other reasons for the sensitivity especially if the pain is localised from one area.

    Tooth wear and erosion. Wear acid attacks hace occurred (due to diet, soft drink consumption, reflux and/or dry mouth) then use of GC mousse can protect remaining tooth structure.

    Gum disease. Ater professional cleaning where lots of root surfaces are exposed application of GC Mousse can reduce the sensitivity. It also reduces calculus (hard plaque) build-up.

    Dry mouth. Reduction in saliva means a reduction in the protective enzymes in the mouth. GC Mousse helps this situation and also reduces sensitivity.


    In general GC mousse plus (fluoride) should be used by people who are older than 2 years of age and in this case please use GC mousse instead

    Application is simple. A pea size blob on your finger and then apply this into your mouth last thing before sleep. It will mix with your saliva and spread to all areas. For white spot lesions applying it directly to the area can help. The use of bleaching trays to hold the mousse next to the teeth is also recommended in certain circumstances. One tube should last you 3-6 months.