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    Take the snoring test......

    Answer the following questions with the following scoring scale…

    0 – never

    1 – infrequently

    2 – frequently

    3 – 4 or more nights per week

    1. My snoring affects my relationship with my partner

    2. My snoring causes my bed partner to be irritable and/or tired

    3. My partner and I sleep in separate rooms

    4. I am fatigued, exhausted and have a lack of energy

    5. I have a morning headache

    6. I lose concentration, forget things and fall asleep at inappropriate times

    7. My sleep does not seem restful

    8. I feel depressed

    9. My snoring is loud

    10. My snoring also affects people when I am away from home

    If you score greater than 8 then your snoring is affecting your quality of life and those around you. I suggest that you need to seek treatment or a solution

    Use the following Observer Scale to assess your partners snoring behaviour

    The scale is the same as the Snore scale above

    1.    Loud, obtrusive or irritating snoring

    2.    Choking or gasping for air

    3.    Pauses in breathing

    4.    Twitching/kicking of arms or legs

    5.    Snoring requires separate bedrooms

    6.    Falling asleep at inappropriate times (while driving, talking, meetings etc)

    If you have any further questions please talk to me at my office 9908 3466 or by email at advice@dentalcareproducts.com.au