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    July 04, 2012

    GC Mousse and tooth bleaching



    Tooth whitening and the use of GC Mousse

    A recent study measured the possible effect of GC mousse mixed with bleaching solutions in reducing the efficacy of the bleaching. The study used a laboratory study and replicated the human mouth and found that applying GC mousse with the active ingredient in bleaching solutions did not decrease its efficacy, that is the same amount of bleaching occurred with or without the GC mousse.

    Using GC mousse with bleaching solutions has been suggested because of its effect of blocking the dentinal tubules which will reduce the sensitivity caused by the peroxide solutions stimulating the nerve of the tooth. A further study is required to determine the efficacy of GC mousse in reducing sensitivity when teeth are bleached and what application method and time was the most effective.

    However it may be worthwhile to apply GC mousse in the bleaching tray or just by smearing the mousse around the teeth before bleaching to reduce the stimulation of the nerve while in contact with the Hydrogen peroxide.

    Any further questions please contact Dr Caroline Downing advice@dentalcareproducts.com.au or at Mdt dental 02 99083466

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