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    October 18, 2012

    But I DO floss........



    But I do floss…..

    I hear this over and over. However flossing does not mean pulling out the occasional strand of Teflon coated string and flicking it between your teeth to dislodge a little bit of half masticated meat. Unfortunately flossing requires an enormous amount of skill, finesse, time, knowledge and dexterity. The compliance with flossing is notoriously low and even when I can motivate and educate effectively most people after a period of time just give up.. This is supported by many studies and in particular Segelnick published 2011 in Canada. From my own clinical experience I think that this is perhaps because they cannot see an obvious immediate benefit, we need to help people to understand that there is enormous benefits and in some people it can mean the difference between keeping and losing their teeth.

    My aim as a dentist is prevention and it is clear that cleaning in between your teeth has been shown to prevent many problems. So as a dentist I am an educator and a motivator, as are my hygiene colleagues.

    ·        EDUCATE how to floss and use interproximal brushes such as Piksters

    ·        MOTIVATE my patients and the public about how the benefits of flossing/Pikstering reduce future loss of time, pain and cost

    There are some people who are more susceptible to gum disease or have a high caries activity and these people need to realise the time/cost benefit of flossing/Pikstering far outweighs any negatives. As a mother I know that children will absorb and mimic what you do so let them see you dedication to prevention of disease. Talk to your dentist or hygienist about flossing technique. Have a look at the Oral education pages at www.dentalcareproducts.com.au and I am happy to answer any questions …….Caroline

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