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    October 23, 2012

    Diet Assessment for decay risk.



    A Quick diet assessment

    When you come into see us we will do a quick diet assessment. What we are trying to work out is how much sugar you are feeding those bacteria on your teeth that are likely to cause decay. It is not so much what you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner but what you eat IN-BETWEEN meals.

    Do you have anything to eat or drink

    1.      As you get up in the morning BEFORE you eat breakfast

    2.      Between breakfast and lunch

    3.      Between lunch and dinner

    4.      After dinner

    5.      Before bed or during the night

    Are the foods you are eating at the above times sugar loaded foods such as biscuits, cakes, pastry, chocolates, lollies or other sweet food. Drinks such as fruit juice, fizzy drinks, cordial, hot drinks that contain sugar.

    The frequency and analysis of this will help us to ascertain your risk. It is not rocket science to know what you need to cut out if you are getting decay.

    Read labels there are many snack foods which are supposedly healthy such as muesli bars but they are held together by sugars…..

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