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    October 30, 2012

    New Decay Prevention Kit for high risk dental decay individuals


    Dental Decay is not inevitable, it is preventable and there needs to be more action to stop the progression of early areas of decay.

    So often in my practice I am contronted with a 20 something with a whole series of decayed teeth and they had no idea that they were there.Some of the areas can be reversed and this will stop the need for an invasive procedure like a filling.

    Also children who for various reasons are experiencing decay at alarming levels despite the addition of fluoride to our water supply.

    And also adults with new decay occurring around fillings and on softer root surfaces where the pathway to the nerve is short and direct. A little time and care can result in no new areas of decay..


    I have put together a series of products that I use in my practice to help people reduce their liklihood of getting decay. Please read my education article Am I at a high risk for dental decay and also look at my Dental Decay Prevention kits and see if you are using the right products..

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