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    June 04, 2009

    GC mousse fluoride or non-fluoride?


    The best time to use GC mousse without fluoride is when the teeth are just erupting in the under 2 year old. At this time too much fluoride is not recommended, this is especially important when we have fluoride in the drinking water.
    GC mousse applied to the surface of the erupting tooth increases the levels of the minerals needed to complete the maturation of the enamel and it also inhibits the growth of decay causing bacteria. Because it is delicious it is well tolerated by babies and children. Very important at a time when oral care can be difficult.
    It is also recommended during pregnancy because there can be a reduction in saliva and also due to morning sickness and gastric reflux and increase in the amount of acids present in the mouth. These two conditions can lead to an increase in dental decay and erosion. GC mousse can inhibit decay and also prevent decay. 

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