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    March 03, 2011

    Excellent news for coffee lovers!


    A 40% lower chance of contracting mouth or throat cancer for people who drink 4 or more servings of coffeee per day!!

    Strangely this effect did not extend to protection for cancer of the larynx.

    This study was carried out in Milan and analysed nine studies and covered 14 000 cancer patients.

    So what is the ingredient that is responsible for reducing the risk of oral cancer?

    Not caffeine, as tea had no affect on the oral cancer incidence

    Two ingredients, cafestol and kahweol are the most likely but further study is required.

    Another benefit for coffee drinkers has been long known. The ingredient Trigonelline has been shown to inhibit Strptococcus mutans from attaching to the surface of the tooth. This is one of the major decay forming bacteria.  Therefore drinking coffee can provide some protection against decay.


    Having said all the benefits of coffee drinking please remember if you are having sugar in your coffee then you are certainly negating any positive anti-caries effect. Drink your coffee without sugar!! And also preferably without milk, espresso is the way to go!


    Also remember that coffee is a diuretic and wil eliminate fluids from your body so drink lots of water if your coffee consumption is high.

    Please feeel freee to contact me with questions or comments


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