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    April 12, 2011

    Health Warning ...Teething Gels


    Teething gels…. a very real risk

    I would strongly advise against the use of teething gels, which contain chlorine salicylate. Choline salicylate is an aspirin based drug.

    In Australia the inclusion of chloine salicylate in teeth gels is allowed.  There have been two recent cases of overdose reported in the MJA (medical journal of Australia).

    Admittedly in both cases exceptionally large amounts of teething gel were used but in both cases use of the gel resulted in hospitalisation and vey real risk to the babies involved.

    Choline salicylate is present in  Bonjela (only in Australia), seda-gel and Curash Oral Gel.

    The disadvantages of applying these gels, far outweighs the supposed benefits.

    If you suspect teething is causing pain, please administer the correctly advised dosage of paracetamol (as in panadol)  per weight rather than applying a teething gel directly to the mouth area.

    Please see further information about teething in my other articles.

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