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    September 22, 2011

    How do I know if my mouth is acidic?


    Monitor the PH(acidity) of your mouth. Simple and easy. Detect your risk for dental decay, dental erosion and gum disease.

    By monitoring the acid levels in your mouth you can prevent dental decay, and dissolution of the surface of the tooth. The early detection of an unhealthy environment can prevent damage which can go unnoticed and without symptoms

    What causes the PH of your mouth to drop?

    • dehydration
    • some medications and medical conditions
    • diet - some foods are acidic when you eat them, some become acidic when digested. Please see article on acid/alkaline foods
    • eating habits
    • smoking
    • poor oral hygiene
    • gastric reflux
    • eating disorders

    What are the results of an acidic mouth?

    • high risk of decay
    • erosion(dissolving) of the tooth surface leading to wear and shortening of teeth
    • increase in pathogenic bacteria
    • increase in gum(periodontal) disease
    • bad breath

    Directions for use of the PH monitoring paper

    1. Test first thing in the morning, 2 hours after eating or prior to brushing before bedtime(toothpaste is alkaline so it will change the results)
    2. Tear off about 5cms of PH paper
    3. Spit into a clean dry cup
    4. Moisten the paper with saliva
    5. Compare the strip colour with the colour chart on the roll
    6. Determine the PH of the saliva


    • Do not use in your mouth!! Only use in saliva that has been removed from your mouth


    PH paper is Phenaphthazine papare with a PH range 4.5-7.5. It contaons about 180 uses and the dispenser has a 4.57m(15ft) roll and colour chart. Made by Beutlich. www.beutlich.com

    Products that will help if my mouth is acidic

    See also articles Acidity of common drinks, How do I strengthen my teeth?, Why do I get decay?

    Any further questions please see me at ww.mdtdental.com.au or email at advice@dentalcareproducts.com.au

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