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    October 20, 2011

    Bad Breath Cure & Treatment


    How to cure bad breath

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    Let’s cut the ‘science speak’ and focus on the crux of the issue. These are the 5 most important things to do to cure bad breath (Halitosis).

    I will go into the science of the individual points on subsequent posts

    1.     Tongue Scraping.

    Tongue Scapers (Verifresh) are the single most important fresh breath tool. They are so simple yet so effective. Once you have run the tongue scraper over your tongue and seen what is residing on the back of the tongue you will be checking people’s bathroom cabinet before you kiss them!!

    2.     Professional Oral Care.

    It is important to have your mouth thoroughly examined by a dentist to eliminate causes of Bad Breath. This would include the detection of gum disease, tooth decay, food traps, tonsillitis, abscesses, gum infections. un-clean dentures or plates, low saliva flow rate, infections around erupting wisdom teeth and chronic mouth ulcers. Please see me at www.mdtdental.com.au or 9908 3466

    3.     Home Oral Care

    Having an effective home care regime which includes the thorough brushing of the gums and teeth with a Sensodyne 3.5 toothbrush and cleaning the areas in-between the teeth with Piksters or dental tape is extremely important to reduce the bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath.

    4.      Mouth washes/ Mouth Rinses

    Although Chlorohexidine mouth washes (Savacol) are effective at reducing the bacteria that cause bad breath they also cause staining on the teeth. Any mouth wash that contains alcohol has a tendency to dry the mouth and result in increase in smells. Triclosan containing toothpastes(Colgate Total) are also moderately effective. Also avoid mouthrinses and mints that mask the smell as the benefit is very temporary. Chlorine dioxide containing mouthwashes (Closys)neutralise the volatile sulphur compounds which cause the bad breath and they are thought to last for 8 hours with correct oral hygiene.

    5.     Diet and Water intake

    In most people ‘morning breath’ is a fairly normal occurrence which results from the drying out of the mouth during sleep.  A normal breakfast and drink of water with resumption of normal saliva flow is enough to eliminate it. Garlic and coffee odours are also normal and in these cases a sugar free mint or chewing gum can be useful.


    So that’s it, if you do all the above there is a very high probability of clean fresh healthy breath.

    Other information and citations for research are available.

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