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    November 17, 2011

    How effective is GC mousse?


    GC mousse which contains the active ingredient CPP-ACP, proposes to reverse areas on the teeth where demoneralisation has occurred and reduce sensitivity.

    Do the studies support these claims?

    My latest review of the literature is inconclusive. These are the issues that must be considered

    1. The results of the studies carried out in the laboratory are not fulfilled by the independant studies carried out in clinical situations.
    2. This maybe skewed by the fact that it is very difficult to produce a study where all the variables are controlled to produce a meaningful result. For example ina study of children it is very difficult and unethical to control their diet, oral hygiene and the bacteria already present in their mouths.
    3. Fluoride cannot be eliminated from the environment and has been known to have an augmenting effect on the action of CPP-ACP.
    4. GC mousse and other recaldent products have been shown to neutralise and reduce the acidity of saliva which although is difficult to prove the beneficial long term effects, seems to be of significant benefit.
    5. GC mousse's effect on sensitivity in clinical trials has been guarded.
    6. Having said all this it is a cost effective, pleasant to use paste which has limited side effects and the potential for an improvement in the oral environment.
    7. It should not be thought of as a replacement for fluoride whose long term clinical effects are well documented and proven
    8. There are lots of benefits of CPP-ACP delivered in chewing gum and lozenge form because of the aded effects of the increase in saliva flow which accompanies the product consumption. 

    Please feel free to comment on my findings as any discussion will be welcome. Citations provided on request.

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