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    December 06, 2011

    Closys versus other mouth washes


    Closys products v other commercially available mouthwashes

    The information contained in this report is drawn from a recently published (2011) independent study of mouthwashes

    The Journal Of Clinical Dentistry [J Clin Dent] 2011; Vol. 22 (1), pp. 1-5.




    The study compares Listerine, Crest Pro-health (equivalent to Oral-B pro-health), Breath Rx, chlorohexidine rinses and Closys.

    Although Listerine and crest Pro-health killed the offending bacteria quicker (100% at 1 minute)). That is the bacteria that are associated with gum disease, dental caries, mouth infections, bad breath  and root canal infections. Both the chlorohexidine rinses and the Closys had a 100% kill at 5 minutes. Offering the same level of protection as Listerine as long as the mouth is not rinsed for 5 minutes after gargling.

    The difference being that Closys contains

    ·      no alcohol

    ·      no SLS

    ·      has no staining potential

    ·      does not require mixing

    ·      has a long shelf life

    ·      very pleasant and easy to use

    Chlorohexidine rinses are as effective but unfortunately produce a stain on the teeth with prolonged use.

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