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    January 12, 2012

    No nonsense guide to teeth bleaching.


    A no-nonsense summary for Teeth Whitening Products

    There are a variety of teeth whitening products on the market today. Some are effective and some are not. All should be used with caution as they can be harmful to your health if used incorrectly.

    ·      Over the counter productswhich include toothpastes, chewing gums and mouthwashes contain only very small amounts of the active ingredients and are not in contact with the teeth for long enough to have any substantial effect.

    ·      Other over the counter productssuch as teeth whitening strips and pens have the potential to be effective in limited cases but TGA guidelines have prohibited there use in Australia because of the potential side effects when used inappropriately. I am in the process of trying to overcome this to provide this option for my customers.

    ·      Internet supplied boil and bite traysare the most worrisome as they can be effective but without adequate knowledge they can also cause some disasters. The trays result in swallowing a lot of bleach which is not tested or regulated adequately, it is often very acidic and free-flowing.

    ·      Take-home from the dentist bleaching traysand medicaments provide the most effective, safe and predictable results. Your teeth are checked for potential problems, trays made that fit your teeth exactly and the appropriate concentration of fresh active solution is supplied.

    ·      In-office bleaching is also an option but it is expensive and often needs home bleaching as a continuation for the best results.

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