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    March 01, 2012

    What does your toothbrush look like?


    What does your toothbrush look like?

    If the bristles of your toothbrush are not straight, then they are not cleaning properly. All that time you spend in the bathroom getting your gums and teeth in beautiful condition is wasted unless your tools are doing what they are supposed to do.

    Research has shown that when the bristles are bent or splayed then there is significant reduction in plaque removal. This is especially important for the harder to get at areas such as between the teeth and towards the back of the mouth. Most people will only change their brush on average twice a year.


    If you are going to be spending the time make sure you are going to get a satisfactory result.

    I recommend replacing your toothbrush every 4 weeks. The same goes for electric toothbrushes.

    If your bristles are bent before this time your brushing style is wrong and/or you are brushing too hard.

    Take advantage of our bulk buying for Sensodyne toothbrushes and also our buy 11 and get 1 free offer on all manual toothbrushes…. Happy brushing :-D

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